ReThink Medical Device & Manufacturing Labeling

Medical device labeling is stringent, with a long list of labeling requirements for the FDA and the marketplace. To meet these demands requires complete label trackability, traceability and control that affects both the information printed on the labels and the actual pre-printed label rolls themselves.

Medical device providers face very high label and operational costs. Re-evaluating how you approach this part of your business can simplify the labeling operation and drastically reduce what you pay for labeling.

ReThink your labeling with our solutions to:

Eliminate pre-printed labels. Save money - and waste - by getting rid of your obsolete, pre-printed label inventory.

Reduce lead time to "0" days. Print only the labels you need, as you need them. Printing your own labels eliminates long lead times for labels that you previously ordered from printers.

Make changes in variable data fast and easily. Now you can create labels with variable data on your own. You can handle changes easily—on demand—with "print your own" labels.

Meet all requirements for sterilization. ReThink Labels put our recommended label material for the Epson C7500 to 5-year advanced aging tests to ensure that it will meet industry requirements. The material held up perfectly. More information available here.

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