Shelf Impact Labels, On Demand

You want it now. Fast, convenient and - on demand.

The solution: The Epson C7500G prints color labels only when you need them.

When you have an idea to boost your product's shelf appeal, and you want to change that label - or to print a different one altogether - it's no problem. The Epson C7500G can handle that immediate change.

Design a label and print it at the same time - all at Epson's highest quality.

To match Epson's standard of excellence, ReThink offers high-quality label materials that have been tested to print perfectly on the Epson C7500G printer. We can provide stock or custom labels, depending upon your needs.

At ReThink, we've done extensive research and testing to find the best label materials for glossy printing. We've identified the highest quality look and feel.

Materials we recommend:

LTX 860 – Jet Gloss Polypropylene. Our highest quality gloss material film with high durability and excellent print quality. Create professional photo-like quality labels using this material on the Epson C7500.

LTX 860 is part of our Jet Express program – the fast and easy way to get the labels you need, when you need them!

LTX 825 - High Gloss Jet Pro. A high-grade gloss paper material with a gloss varnish look and feel, this material is scratch, scuff, and water resistant.

All of our materials come with a performance guarantee and have been tested and approved to work in most industry leading printers. As a best practice, we recommend a test of any material in actual application and final environment use. Sample labels are available for testing purposes.

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